Repurposed Banner Bags

6 September 2019

Living up to our sustainability values, Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre (GCCEC) has partnered with sustainable and ethically-produced clothing and accessory company – Clive Street to create repurposed banner bags.

The creation of these tote bags saves hundreds of canvas marketing banners from going to landfill. Gifted to clients by our sales team, these bags are a tough and reusable alternative to plastic shopping bags.

Marketing banners donated from client events are passed onto Clive Street for reproduction into gifts. Using the fine art of sewing, combined with recycled textiles and salvaged materials – even the bag straps are made from repurposed car seat belts.


Clive Street manufactures everything from our gorgeous tote bags to wallets, backpacks, duffle bags and more. “Once born from a love of sewing, has now turned into a passionate interest in sustainable, ethically produced clothing and accessories. I am completely self-taught and am proud of the fact that I can now create stylish, beautiful and useful items out of something once discarded and destined for landfill.” – Sarah Textor, Clive Street Designer.

Recently, the event banner from Pool and Spa Trade Show Splash was repurposed into 25 ‘Billie’ tote bags. “The calming colour palette and coastal tones worked tremendously with the style of the bags to promote our destination too. Showing that with a little creativity an outdoor banner can become a reusable, eco-friendly fashion accessory,” said Michelle Mann, Director of Sales, GCCEC.


As a tourism icon, GCCEC values our influence on the corporate sector with a sustainable approach to events and our building practices. We believe the little differences we make in resourcefulness can leave an everlasting effect on each delegate and visitor that walks through our glass doors.

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