Garry Kindred - Executive Chef

"I’ve been at GCCEC for 13 years, and the best part of working here is that I work with passionate people. For us, it’s about food that has a great flavour, it’s fresh and it’s innovative. We make sure every dish works, whether it’s for four people or 4,000."


Video Transcript

One day you could be doing a VIP lunch for 10 people and that night you'd be doing a gala dinner for over 2,000 people. It's always changing, it's always being creative, always pushes you to do something different. My name is Garry Kindred. I'm Executive Chef and I've been here at the Convention Centre for 13 years.

Sustainability is really important to us. We source local farmers, fresh produce where possible, within 200 kilometers of the center. The best part of working at Gold Coast Convention is you're working with passionate people. I can't say there's a person in our kitchen who's not passionate about what they do. Adam does amazing food and his attention to detail was second to none. Alicia brings great enthusiasm. She has a great background in à la carte cooking and just complements Adam really well.

For us, it's about food that has a great flavor, it's fresh, it's innovative, it looks like it's coming straight from a restaurant. But we have to make sure that we can make it work whether it's 4 people or 4,000 people. We work with our clients to tailor menus to suit their specific events. We want the client to walk away and be happy because that's what drives us.

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