GCCEC Sets Technology Benchmark for Conferencing

9 October 2014

Over the years, the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre (GCCEC) has invested significantly in its IT and the audio visual capacity to create a more seamless event experience for clients.

Technology and audio visual requirements go hand-in-hand as does the reality that these elements are imperative to the success of events. The GCCEC has a reputation for attracting clientele that require the most complex and demanding technological intricacies to showcase their events, making it one of the Centre’s drawcards, according to general manager, Adrienne Readings.

“Reinvesting in our own product to ensure that everything remains at an optimal level is fundamental to remaining competitive and being at the forefront of innovation. We are heavily investing in the building blocks that will propel our technological capabilities to a benchmark level that embraces offerings that are the cornerstone of modern conferencing,” she says.

“If any business remains complacent they are certainly heading for failure. Although changes in capabilities and technology are a given, its how we adapt and develop our service offering in totality to give our clients and visitors a memorable experience – which is the key.

 “We are currently seeing a shift in client demand driven by associations and blue-chip organisations that operate hybrid conferences which require the latest infrastructure and technology to be able to stream live to hospitals, universities and the like to create interactive experiences in real time.”

Last year, the Centre commenced rolling out phase one of its planned IT infrastructure and equipment overhaul which included increasing bandwidth and Wi-Fi capabilities. This year, the Centre’s priority has been rolling out upgrades to equipment to ensure it marries with the standard of the GCCEC’s software technology.

“This mandate ensures that technology is up-to-date and ahead of time because we need to think strategically about the types of events we will attract in the future,” added Adrienne.

The Centre recently overhauled its entire network to include a physical upgrade of hardware and a redesign of the current network architecture to state of the art Cisco products, configured specifically for event management. This now gives the Centre the added ability of running a 10Gbps backbone and providing 1Gbps speeds to each endpoint without sacrificing performance. This all works together to complement the current 1GB optic-wave service supplied by Telstra to provide a leading experience to all our customers. 

Furthermore, upgrades to the Centre’s Cisco network infrastructure compliment new AV equipment to deliver the best standard in production requirements for events that work hand-in-hand with the latest communication platforms to streamline efficiency and connectivity.

According to the GCCEC’s AV manager, Adrian Potts, the GCCEC stands to benefit from the introduction of new equipment which increases optimisation and reliability for event organisers.

“The Installation of a sophisticated Sennheiser D9000 radio microphone system is the first of its kind in use in Queensland and puts GCCEC at the forefront of microphone innovation.

“The fully digital system allows us to offer our clients the pinnacle in wireless microphone technology and the ultimate in audio performance without compromising on the flexibility we need to offer in a world-class, premium exhibition space.

“This allows us to monitor usage at a central location backed up by software that we can tap into remotely. Most importantly, the sound quality output is by far the best in the market.

“Furthermore, the D9000 fully rechargeable system saves approximately 1800 batteries from landfill each year which continues to reinforce GCCEC’s credentials as a leading environmentally responsible venue in the form of EarthCheck Gold status,” he said.

The Centre is also about to debut the latest equipment in wireless presentation and collaboration solutions in all meeting rooms. This technology allows any meeting participant to share content on a central meeting room screen. The product called ClickShare provides a simple to use friendly experience for users where content from a laptop or tablet to be displayed on a large screen at the click of a button. The innovation has many benefits including reducing AV set-up labour costs for the Centre, mitigating compatibility risks when equipment such as laptops are brought in-house and offering a simple plug and play device for GCCEC customers that requires little technological know-how.

A new digital signage system, SpinetiX was also rolled out in September. 

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