GCCEC Continues To Energise Gold Coast Economy

8 September 2016

The Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre (GCCEC), part of the Star Entertainment Group, continues to deliver record results, including its best fiscal performance for a fourth consecutive year.

An instrumental contributor to the success of the regions tourism sector, the GCCEC surpassed all previous end of financial year figures, contributing $303 million in economic benefit to the City of Gold Coast – an increase of 9.8 per cent on 2014/15.

Continuing to demonstrate the venue’s profound economic bearing and strong return on investment for the Queensland State Government, the Centre welcomed 102 business events, including 69 national and international conventions that attracted 115,505 delegates for 2015/16.

Leading a popularity surge as the nation’s second most-favoured visitor destination according to TripAdvisor, the GCCEC managed to grow its international convention business, reflective of an increased appetite to capitalise on the city’s effortless ability to seamlessly mix business with leisure, to drive visitation.

GCCEC General Manager, Adrienne Readings said that the results reflect how pertinent the Centre is to the continued growth of Australia’s largest regional city.

“We remain a destination champion, ensuring multi-level economic yield for business events on the Gold Coast.”

The results demonstrate the fluidity of tourism for the local economy and solidifies the strength of GCCEC’s business sustainability model, which is in line with our objective to attract more international events in conjunction with industry partnerships.

“Our values are hinged on service excellence through fostering a sense of community amongst our peers and clientele, which enable us to deliver record-breaking results for our stakeholders,” Ms. Readings said.

“The figures are especially encouraging seeing as the venue posted similar figures to that of last year, in the face of market challenges and unforeseen event cancellations.”

The venues’ ambition, values and philosophy remain interwoven with emphasis on continued evolution, event best practice and a hunger to deliver exceptional results that are on par or in deed challenge convention centres nationally.

“Our capabilities and dynamic environment for innovation is driven by a model that stems from a strong level of engagement within our team, to nurture guest experience at unprecedented levels,” added Ms. Readings.

“We have been able to harness key learnings and improve operational efficiencies through profound investment and training in our most valued resource.

“By drawing on collective experience from all areas of our business, we are successfully integrating digitally-lead operational communication stratagems, whilst simultaneously shaping a more robust safety and security culture,” said Ms. Readings.

The manoeuvre advocates the importance of guest feedback and builds on the Centres’ fundamental framework of cohesion, which has been the backbone of the GCCEC‘s tailored approach to events, since inception.

According to Ms. Readings, “driving change challenges comfort levels,” and it’s provided the venue with four consecutive years of surpassed targets and expectations – a key contributor to the economic development of the region.

Key client requirements necessitating more concurrent space, remain a constant challenge for the venue. Creative solutions have included the introduction of temporary structures on front terraces and northern lawn spaces, as well as the utilisation of non-conventional areas to fashion unique meeting experiences.

Whilst external space use is not always driven by demand and stature, the desire to capitalise on the sub-tropical climate of the Gold Coast and provide truly distinctive conference and event experiences, remain another shining example of why the GCCEC will continue to provide a legacy for the destination ongoing.

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