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5 June 2015

Just 12 months after the inception of a flavoursome partnership, the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre (GCCEC) team have gifted almost 5,000 meals to Australian company, OzHarvest.

While the GCCEC has supported various charities and organisations since its debut in 2004, its decision to formally align its ongoing efforts with OzHarvest in mid-2014 meant the Centre could contribute to nourishing the immediate community through the redistribution of excess food to people in need.

The GCCEC’s kitchen has made several significant donations over the past 12 months, including almost 700 litres of deliciously fresh soups throughout the cooler months, more than 120kg of fruit and vegetables and a number of excess pre-packaged event leftovers – effectively saving the environment and simultaneously eliminating hunger and food waste.

The partnership with the national food rescue charity aligns to the Centre’s environmental and social sustainability practices and presents a simple yet effective way to divert surplus food waste from landfill.

The GCCEC’s current donations stand at an astonishing 1,545kg of food, equating to more than 4,635 meals for those in need.

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