Event Toolkit

Everything you need to start planning your event.

Explore Our 22 Event Spaces

At GCCEC, every event finds its perfect location amidst our 22 versatile spaces. From intimate meetings to grand exhibitions, GCCEC stands out as a beacon of event planning excellence on the Gold Coast. Our spaces, ranging from dynamic meeting rooms to expansive exhibition halls, are tailored to bring your event to life with state-of-the-art technology and adaptable layouts.

Hosting events across two extensive levels, GCCEC provides a realm of possibilities for organisers and visitors alike. The Centre’s contemporary design and unparalleled flexibility ensure that whether it’s a focused corporate gathering or a sprawling trade show, the venue adapts to meet and exceed expectations. Our commitment to sustainability and exceptional service enriches each event, making GCCEC the preferred destination for those seeking a responsible and innovative venue. With an array of exhibition spaces, meeting rooms and bespoke planning tools at your disposal, coupled with our proximity to the Gold Coast’s iconic attractions, your event is poised for success, leaving a lasting impression on all attendees. 

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