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Arena 2


The Perfect Setting for Every Event

GCCEC’s Arena 2 is fully outfitted to host a vast range of functions, from grand conferences to smaller events. Its versatility makes it an ideal venue for any occasion, offering customisable settings to suit your specific event needs.

Arena 2’s design is inherently multipurpose, allowing for a seamless transition between different event formats. Whether it’s a seminar, exhibition, gala banquet, or concert, this space can easily be transformed to match your event’s requirements, featuring and retractable seating to maximise functionality. In its auditorium-style setup, Arena 2 can seat up to 3,500 delegates.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Arena 2 is outfitted with cutting-edge technology and features to ensure a flawless event experience. Customised tech solutions, comprehensive IT support and high-speed Wi-Fi, cater to both organisers and attendees, facilitating a highly efficient and connected event environment.

A Diverse Range of Events

Arena 2 is the space of choice for a variety of events, thanks to its flexible design and premier facilities. It’s well-suited for:

  • Large Conferences: Offering ample space and unobstructed views from any seat, Arena 2 can accommodate large gatherings in its traditional configuration.
  • Exhibitions and Trade Shows: Providing a dynamic layout that can be customised to showcase products and services effectively, with plenty of space for attendees.
  • Meetings and Seminars: Creating a conducive environment for productive discussions and learning.
  • Gala Banquets: Setting the scene for memorable celebratory dinners in an elegant atmosphere.
  • Concerts: Delivering an auditorium-style setting for both intimate and large-scale musical performances.

Plan Your Event with Us

For more information on Arena 2 or to discuss how the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre can contribute to your event’s success, get in touch with us. Our dedicated team is ready to support you in creating a memorable and impactful event.

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