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Virtual Tour of the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre

Discover GCCEC with Cutting-Edge Virtual Tools

Look around the Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre (GCCEC) with our array of virtual exploration tools. From detailed 3D models to interactive floorplans, our innovative platforms, including the GCCEC 3D Venue Explorer, GCCEC360, and GCCECimap, offer comprehensive insights into our versatile event spaces. Ideal for organisers and exhibitors planning anything from large-scale events to intimate gatherings, these tools provide a virtual yet realistic view of the venue’s space and flexibility.

GCCEC 3D Venue Explorer: A Comprehensive Digital Walkthrough

Dive into the GCCEC 3D Venue Explorer for a bird’s eye view of our multi-purpose spaces in stunning 3D. This immersive virtual tour showcases every corner of GCCEC, from grand halls to cosy seminar rooms, offering a glimpse into the venue’s scale and versatility, perfect for visualising your next event’s layout and design.

GCCEC360: Interactive Exploration

Discover our venue with GCCEC360, an immersive 360-degree video tour featuring interactive hotspots and detailed commentary. This engaging platform allows a remote yet thorough inspection of the venue, offering perspectives from every angle to ensure your event’s vision comes to life exactly as planned. This tool includes floorplans and images of previous events in the space to help you visualise how they can be transformed to suit your needs.

GCCECimap: Plan Your Event in Detail

For precise event planning, GCCECimap presents an interactive floor plan with essential details at your fingertips. Discover room capacities, dimensions, and the layout of the venue to efficiently plan and execute events of any size, from seminars and workshops to banquets and cocktail parties.

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