Environmental & Social Sustainability Policy

The Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre (GCCEC) is a multi-purpose venue for major events, conventions, meetings, exhibitions, banquets and sporting facilities in Queensland. GCCEC is the largest regional convention centre in Australia, and purpose-designed (with environmental considerations), which offers flexibility and seamless flow for events.

GCCEC covers an area of 5.4 hectares in the heart of Broadbeach and has been designed to suit the existing local urban environment. It is enclosed within the boundaries of Little Tallebudgera Creek to the North and West, T.E. Peters Dr to the South, and the Gold Coast Hwy to the East. The Centre is built on a sand base and has been engineered to ensure limited noise pollution to surrounding suburbs and businesses in the area. All state native title and cultural heritage requirements were considered during development.

GCCEC management has had sustainability policies in place since inception and continues to be a leader in environmental innovation throughout the Meeting and Events Industry. We believe in a partnership with clients to ensure environmental and social sustainability and are committed to reducing landfill. This is achieved through proactive choices and best practices.

GCCEC is committed to protecting the environment by continually improving the Centre’s environmental and social sustainability performance, aligning our practices with EarthCheck™, the world’s largest environmental management program and we strive to achieve best practice for all indicators in our EarthCheck™ Benchmarking. GCCEC strives to be an industry leader and embraces the governing principals of sustainable development including stewardship, inclusivity, integrity, transparency and accountability. We are compliant with relevant Federal, State and Local laws whilst working towards achieving best practices within the Convention and Exhibition industry.

The Assistant Facilities Manager, Property Operations, has been appointed EarthCheck Coordinator and has the responsibility of ensuring the ongoing environmental performance, identification of environmental risks, recording, monitoring of impacts and implementing environmental and social sustainability strategies.

Special consideration is given to employing local team members. Sourcing products and services locally and in accordance with fair trade principals is preferred.

We encourage all staff to represent our commitment to environmental and social sustainability and our benchmarked status under the EarthCheck programme with the following areas;

  • Quarterly Project Green Committee Meetings which include members from all aspects of the business, ensuring a proactive approach within the entire company
  • Continuously educate clients, contractors and suppliers on environmental techniques and policies via annual review and correspondence of the Environmental and Social Sustainability Policy.
  • Purchase energy saving devices and equipment
  • Provide resources to meet our environmental obligations with client requests
  • Provide comprehensive management plans for waste, energy and water conservation
  • Work closely with local and state government and industry bodies on implementing new environmental developments
  • Employees, customers and the community are invited to suggest ideas to further achieve best practice in environmental and social sustainability. This policy is to be reviewed annually.
  • Learn more about our sustainability initiatives.

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