Chef's Table

13 July 2016

Pictured left to right: Iain McCombe, Geoff Toussaint-Hayes, Brian Meade, Laurence Griffen, Daniel Ridgway, Adam Hall, Garry Kindred, Andrew Fraser, Kim Chilcott, Brad Whittaker, Jeromy Allen, Dan Smith. 

Whilst most chefs’ primary focus is centred on running successful restaurants, establishments and kitchens, these often humble and focused individuals lack networking opportunities regionally.

GCCEC Executive Chef, Garry Kindred decided to create a forum in the hopes that other industry peers would continue the discourse and go on to host their own Chefs Table on an annual basis at nearby properties, for  years to come.

“This is the first (Chefs Table) and I would like to see where this goes. I hope other chefs will embrace it and look to expand the network to include sous chefs next year,” Garry Said.

“Starting something is never easy but if we get the ball rolling and generate momentum, then I see this event flourishing.

The Gold Coast is fast becoming a burgeoning region that is rising in culinary stature. With a food culture fast becoming a hallmark of the overall experience associated with a city famous for fun, the largely trendy metropolis is acquiring an appetite for quality cuisine and for venues that cater to meet high standards.

GCCEC’s food philosophy is steeped in challenging and indeed changing the thinking of conventions and catering alike. Producing a la carte cuisine is certainly not the ordinary for convention centres but it’s the very foundation and reputation that Garry and his team have established.

Humble Garry “didn’t want to make (Chefs Table) pretentious” telling his team that the event was not centred on the food.

“The food I asked our team to create was honest, fresh and simple. And whilst food binds us as human beings, this table was about bringing like-minded professional together.

“We are all so busy, so it was great to catch up with old colleagues and at the same time it allowed the group to meet with some counterparts for the first time.

“I found it reassuring that chefs for other properties that vary in size and the number of covers they cater for ultimately share similar issues and challenges,” Garry said.

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