Build A Bike - 10 DEC 2019

Build A Bike 

This Christmas, share the joy of knowing that one small gesture will bring smiles to many little faces.

In partnership with Act For Kids, GCCEC invites you to donate to our Build A Bike charity event which will be held on Tuesday 10 December 2019.

Over the past three years, the GCCEC team and over 50 generous businesses have built and donated 126 bikes to Act for Kids, just in time for Christmas. All involved really enjoyed building the bikes, knowing their donation was going to the most vulnerable children in the Gold Coast community.

This year, we aim to grow the event and donate over 100 bikes collectively with Gold Coast businesses to spread some Christmas cheer. We are asking for your investment in a bike and donation of time with your team members to assemble these gifts.

Donations are welcome for individual children. Donations for families will ensure all siblings can share the joy of receiving a bike for Christmas.

“The joy that a brand new bicycle brings when one suddenly appears on Christmas day for a child is like magic. You can see it in their eyes, both the disbelief and the joy. Like other children, they have a new bicycle which will bring them years of enjoyment and fitness through outdoor activity."
Gary Poole, Act For Kids Regional Director 

Your Donation:

$300* includes 1 bike, 1 helmet and 1 pump 
$600* includes 2 bikes, 2 helmets and 2 pumps 
$900* includes 3 bikes, 3 helmets and 3 pumps 
$1,200* includes 4 bikes, 4 helmets and 4 pumps

*includes GST

To register your interest please fill out a registration form and return to
by Friday 18th October 2019.

Case Study:

A family with four children who have a parent significantly affected by mental illness were about to celebrate Christmas with no gifts for the children as the family barely managed to provide food, clothing and shelter.

The Act for Kids staff member advised the mother that all the children would be gifted donations from Build A Bike. She cried when she was told and spoke of her feelings of hopelessness leading up to Christmas, knowing she was unable to provide gifts for her children. She described the donations as being gifted by angels.

"My bike is very special to me because I learnt to ride without training wheels so I'll remember it forever."
- Jiselle, 7 years old. 

"My bike is the fastest bike in the world!!!"
- Kai, 4 years old

"I love my bike because we all get to do family things together and take all our bikes."
- Belinda, 6 years old


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