Green Event Checklist

The Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre (GCCEC) is committed to leading industry towards a more sustainable future for conferencing and events. We work hard to limit our impact on the environment and have created this guide to help event planners walk a little greener and achieve significant carbon savings at your events.

What makes a green event?

Adopting eco-friendly practices to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, minimise waste, and effectively communicate to attendees how an event is reducing its environmental impacts, are all part of hosting a sustainable event. Whether it’s a large-scale, international conference or a simpler event, this guide illustrates that planning a sustainable event doesn’t need to be complex or expensive – in fact, sometimes the most simple and inexpensive initiatives are the most effective.

Why hold a green event?

Current statistics show that Australia is one of the world’s largest polluters on a per capita basis, with electricity and transport two of the biggest contributors. For an event, travel is usually the single biggest contributor at around 90% of the total carbon footprint. Creating green events is a way event planners can actively contribute to a reduction in environmental impacts, leaving a positive legacy behind. This is great for both the environment and company reputation. The advantages of implementing sustainable and responsible event practices include saving on costs and resources, reducing waste, increasing productivity, enhancing company transparency, sharing knowledge and boosting the morale of delegates.

GCCEC already has a range of best practices in place to assist with sustainable event management. Read more about our GCCEC Sustainability Initiatives.

 As an authority on the best practices in sustainable event management, GCCEC is here to help you run a successful event that achieves the following impacts: 

  • Cuts back costs: Something as simple as eliminating paper administration or opting for local produce can cut back on your event costs.
  • Enhances your brand and reputation: Clients have come to expect a certain level of eco-friendly performance from business. Holding a sustainable event with us will not only enhance your brand and reputation but meet and excel the expectations of today’s standard practice.
  • Encourages market transformation: We work closely with suppliers to change the way goods are packaged and delivered, encouraging the development of broader sustainable closed-loop systems and industries.


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