A Symphony of Tech Innovation

The Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre (GCCEC) has unveiled a significant investment in its audio-visual and technological infrastructure. The investment is aimed at not only expanding the venue’s inventory of top-tier equipment but also elevating the overall experience for event planners, delegates, and speakers.

Among the upgrades are a state-of-the-art PA system, multiple high-resolution LED panels, advanced projectors, audio consoles, moving light fixtures, wireless show communication systems, and enhanced entertainment rigging.

Chris Davey, the Executive Manager of Technology at GCCEC, emphasises the venue’s dedication to staying at the forefront of the market, stating, “The investment in the L’Acoustics PA and VuePix AR Series LED screen puts GCCEC at the forefront of the market and shows our commitment to innovation and to providing our clients and guests with best-in-class equipment.”

Recognising the diverse array of events hosted in any of the flexible venue spaces, from intimate dinners to large-scale concerts, GCCEC acknowledges the need for a world-class audio system. Davey explains, “To deliver on the expectations of our clients and productions, identified we need a world-class audio system.”

The investment in technology extends to display solutions, with the acquisition of the high-resolution LED screens, high-brightness Laser projectors, and equipment supporting hybrid events.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of events and technology, Chris Davey reiterates the pivotal role of continued investment, stating, “We recognise the role that continued investment in technology solutions plays in delivering successful and memorable events.” The introduction of new 2.9mm high-resolution, customisable  LED screens (up to 30 metres wide) opens up new possibilities for interactive backdrops, creating immersive experiences for guests and viewers alike. This not only enhances the delegate experience but also allows for incredible event recordings.

GCCEC’s commitment to excellence is further demonstrated by its team of in-house specialists who work closely with clients to ensure seamless event execution. Offering flexibility, extensive experience, and a range of world-class solutions, GCCEC solidifies its reputation as an industry leader in the meeting and event space.

As the industry continues to evolve, the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre stands poised to deliver unparalleled experiences through its cutting-edge technology and unwavering commitment to innovation.

Chris Davey, GCCEC Executive Manager – Technology

Source: Originally published on Spicenews.com.au


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