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The following PDF's* contain helpful information about the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre (GCCEC) that you can view, print, or save on your computer for viewing off-line**:

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Korean (2.26MB) thumbnail

Korean (2.26MB)

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Japanese (2.11MB) thumbnail

Japanese (2.11MB)

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GCCEC AV Services Fact Sheet (0.16MB) thumbnail

GCCEC AV Services Fact Sheet (0.16MB)

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Exhibitions (1.29MB) thumbnail

Exhibitions (1.29MB)

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Conferences (1.29MB) thumbnail

Conferences (1.29MB)

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Chinese (Traditional) (2.26MB) thumbnail

Chinese (Traditional) (2.26MB)

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Chinese (Simplified) (2.35MB) thumbnail

Chinese (Simplified) (2.35MB)

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Meetings and Banquets (1.17MB) thumbnail

Meetings and Banquets (1.17MB)

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Manuals, Conditions & Policies

Audio Visual Policy (1.05MB) thumbnail

Audio Visual Policy (1.05MB)

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Exhibition Manual (2.8MB) thumbnail

Exhibition Manual (2.8MB)

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Organisers Planning Manual (0.44MB) thumbnail

Organisers Planning Manual (0.44MB)

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Operating Policies and Procedures (1.02MB) thumbnail

Operating Policies and Procedures (1.02MB)

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Standard Conditions of Hire (0.23MB) thumbnail

Standard Conditions of Hire (0.23MB)

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Conditions for Ticketed Events (1.0MB) thumbnail

Conditions for Ticketed Events (1.0MB)

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Conditions of Hire for a Sporting Event, Concert, Entertainment (0.57MB) thumbnail

Conditions of Hire for a Sporting Event, Concert, Entertainment (0.57MB)

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Work Health & Safety

Pre-Event HS Checklist Organiser (67KB) thumbnail

Pre-Event HS Checklist Organiser (67KB)

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Pre-Event HS Checklist Exhibitor (66KB) thumbnail

Pre-Event HS Checklist Exhibitor (66KB)

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Events Health and Safety Guidelines (4.04MB) thumbnail

Events Health and Safety Guidelines (4.04MB)

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Contractor Induction Link thumbnail

Contractor Induction Link

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Safe Work Method Statement Template (16KB) thumbnail

Safe Work Method Statement Template (16KB)

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Temporary Food Stall Requirements (1MB) thumbnail

Temporary Food Stall Requirements (1MB)

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The Star Entertainment Group Work Health & Safety Policy (153KB) thumbnail

The Star Entertainment Group Work Health & Safety Policy (153KB)

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Exhibitor Forms & Permits

*note: If you’re using a Chrome browser you may have some trouble opening this. Once you’ve downloaded the form, right click on the file and select Acrobat to open it in a program that allows you to fill in your details.

F1.0 Account Form (0.30MB) thumbnail

F1.0 Account Form (0.30MB)

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F2.0 - Banner Delivery Label (0.16MB) thumbnail

F2.0 - Banner Delivery Label (0.16MB)

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F3.0 - Banner Rigging Request Form (0.45MB) thumbnail

F3.0 - Banner Rigging Request Form (0.45MB)

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F4.0 - Beverage Sampling Form (0.51MB) thumbnail

F4.0 - Beverage Sampling Form (0.51MB)

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F5.0 - Contractors Agreement Form (0.47MB) thumbnail

F5.0 - Contractors Agreement Form (0.47MB)

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F6.0 - Delivery Label (0.31MB) thumbnail

F6.0 - Delivery Label (0.31MB)

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F7.0 - Equipment Hire Form (0.34MB) thumbnail

F7.0 - Equipment Hire Form (0.34MB)

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F8.0 - Exhibitor Catering Order Form (2.62MB) thumbnail

F8.0 - Exhibitor Catering Order Form (2.62MB)

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F9.0 - Fireworks Application Form (0.25MB) thumbnail

F9.0 - Fireworks Application Form (0.25MB)

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F10.0 - Food Sampling Form (0.27MB) thumbnail

F10.0 - Food Sampling Form (0.27MB)

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F11.0 - GCCEC Safety Rules (0.31MB) thumbnail

F11.0 - GCCEC Safety Rules (0.31MB)

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F12.0 - Lifting Equipment Hire Form (0.21MB) thumbnail

F12.0 - Lifting Equipment Hire Form (0.21MB)

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F13.0 - Plumbing Water/Waste Request Form (0.12MB) thumbnail

F13.0 - Plumbing Water/Waste Request Form (0.12MB)

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F14.0 - Stand Cleaning Form (0.30MB) thumbnail

F14.0 - Stand Cleaning Form (0.30MB)

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F15.0 - Tech Communication and Data Form(0.54MB) thumbnail

F15.0 - Tech Communication and Data Form(0.54MB)

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Floor Plans

GCCEC - First Floor (0.08MB) thumbnail

GCCEC - First Floor (0.08MB)

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GCCEC - Ground Floor (0.13MB) thumbnail

GCCEC - Ground Floor (0.13MB)

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Dimensions and Capacities (0.06MB) thumbnail

Dimensions and Capacities (0.06MB)

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Arena Floor Plan (0.19MB) thumbnail

Arena Floor Plan (0.19MB)

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Loading Dock Plan (0.68MB) thumbnail

Loading Dock Plan (0.68MB)

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Menu 2017-2018 (3.1MB) thumbnail

Menu 2017-2018 (3.1MB)

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Beverage Packages and Winelists 2017-2018  thumbnail

Beverage Packages and Winelists 2017-2018

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What Our Clients Say

I have conducted two major formal dinners at GCCEC for approx 700 people each time, the more recent of these being held in March 2015. I am completely satisfied with all aspects of working with GCCEC and their performance in presenting our function. They were completely professional and were willing to do things exactly the way I wanted them done, even meeting some unusual requirements. When I requested to make layout changes only hours before the dinner the request was accommodated immediately and with professional ease. The dinner was an alternate drop three course full service meal with drinks package, and it was without a doubt the best formal dinner I have ever attended. I have managed many similar dinners in the past but this dinner achieved by far the best result, it was the easiest to organise and to then manage on the night. Our GCCEC functions manager was a competent and willing professional who achieved an absolutely flawless event. I am still trying to understand how the catering staff were able to prepare almost 700 perfectly cooked and presented meals and get them to the tables whilst still hot. An excellent event perfectly presented by cheerful and competent professional staff.

Bruce Schmidtchen
Chairman, 5RAR Assoc Inc 50th Anniversary Reunion Committee

We have held our major event, the Conference of Major Superannuation Funds (CMSF), at the GCCEC on six occasions since it opened in 2004. Through holding our event at the GCCEC we have established a terrific relationship with the venue. Each and every staff member works tirelessly to ensure that our event is run to the highest calibre. Any task, no matter how little or large is undertaken to ensure our expectations are met and our event is delivered successfully.

AIST Events Team

It’s the small things that make such a big difference. My organisation has held its conference annually at GCCEC since 2008, during which I’ve experienced unparalleled service. I continue to be amazed by the dedication, friendliness and professionalism of all staff – be it sales and event management to back of house and floor staff. They know my event inside and out, making the experience seamless. I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every conference I’ve held here!

Marika MacKenzie
Communications Manager, Optometry Queensland Northern Territory

You guys did it again! It is such a pleasure to work with a dedicated, proactive and friendly team. Your can-do attitude, your attention to detail and your willingness to try something new all help to make our lives easier and to keep our event fresh and interesting. Once again, the food was superb and the level of service provided by everyone at the centre was exceptional.

Julie Hood
Director Events Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association

There is no doubt that next time we need to be ‘creative’ on the Gold Coast; the GCCEC is the only venue we’d choose. No matter how difficult or unusual our demands prior to the event, nothing proved impossible for you and during the conference your professionalism and attention to detail ensured that everything ran without a hitch enabling us to focus properly on the job in hand. Last, but not least, the catering was superb!

Greg O’Neil
General Manager - Rural Merchandise CRT Rural Supplies